Rave Engine Demos

Digital Twins

We can create high-fidelity digital twins of real-world environments, which can be explored in real time. These virtual replicas are not only visually stunning but also interactive, offering a fully immersive experience. Whether you're looking to recreate a concert venue, an office, a shopping center, or even an entire city, our Real-Time Digital Twins provides an incredibly realistic representation.

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Fashion Show Demo

Showcase fashion pieces in photorealistic manner with volumetric video technology

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Watercrafts demo

Take a ride on an eFoil, a yacht, a swan or a party raft. This demo is a small sampling of the capabilities of our Rave Engine.

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Car Demo

This demo is meant to be a simple, rudimentary example of the possibilities of our engine, and is not intended as a fully-featured or polished application.

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Virtual Bike Store

A virtual bike shop with high quality 3D Models and Augmented Reality features

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Welcome to Rave Space Paradise – our in-house TechDemo designed to showcase the diversity of our technology. Immerse yourself in a world filled with excitement and variety: from playing soccer to boating, exploring a concert stage, a club, and a Skybar tailored for unique meetings. All of this is enriched with thoughtful references to famous landmarks and special spots in our beloved capital city of Berlin. Rave Space Paradise is more than just a demonstration – it's an invitation to experience the magic of our technology.

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