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Follow our Journey and learn more about Rave Space, Metaverse & Web3

Combining traditional 2D and advanced 3D Workflows to bring Berlin Spree bank to life in Realtime

Revolutionizing Tourism: The Metaverse Takes the Lead

Maximize Your Real Estate Potential

The Benefits of Implementing Rave Space Technology for Immersive Property Showcasing

Top 10 Metrics That Are Relevant for Metaverse Experiences and Why

Samsung Re:Connect The Metaverse meets Realverse case study

Explore the Future of Art: How Phygital Exhibitions Will Transform the Way We Experience Art

The Future of Interactive 3D Graphics online is WebGL!

Learn about the eco-friendly alternative to cloud rendering

Revolutionizing the Business World: How the Metaverse is Changing the Game

Why do we use WebGL technology and not cloud rendering for our RAVE ENGINE?

Introducing: MetaMap

A collection of browser based Metaverse experiences curated by us

Metaverse + NFT Meetup #1

A Meetup hosted by us, discussing NFTs & the metaverse with some of Berlin’s most innovative companies.

Value Creation in the Metaverse - summary of the McKinsey report

Sustainability in Metaverse Research - a Summary

A summary of the article “Metaverse and Sustainability: Systematic Review of Scientific Publications until 2022 and Beyond”

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