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RAVE ENGINE: The Future of Interactivity and Immersion in the Browser

Shopping in the Age of Immersion pt.3: Usecases of XR in Shopping

This article gives some examples of how Immersive Technology is used by brands to enhance their shopping experience

Shopping in the Age of Immersion pt2.: Customer Behaviour and Virtual Enviroments

This article dives into the dynamics of impulse buying and examines how consumer behavior can be influenced in both physical and virtual retail environments. By harnessing the insights into what triggers impulse purchases, (virtual) retailers can strategically enhance their marketing tactics and sales performance.

Shopping in the Age of Immersion: The Evolution of Retail Through Immersive Technologies

As we embark on the first installment of our series "Shopping in the Age of Immersive Media," we explore the transformative impact these technologies have on the retail landscape. Our focus is on equipping business leaders and technology executives with a detailed understanding of how VR and AR can revolutionize consumer experiences, enhance customer engagement, and drive business growth.

How can the immersive web be used for brand marketing?

Discover how immersive technologies can revolutionize your brand strategy and create unique, profound connections with your audience.

What to consider about the sustainability of immersive web solutions

This article takes a closer look at different technologies that can be used to realize an immersive web experience and the impact and sustainability concerns of immersive projects, that should not be overlooked.

Interview with Iris Paech, Marketing Expert at Haufe Academy

Why is expanding your existing webshop with a virtual exhibition space the future of e-commerce?

RaveEngine x Automotive

Accelerate Your Marketing Strategy: Unlocking the Power of Virtual Experiences with RaveEngine for Car Companies

Revolutionizing Live Events: Unveiling RAVE.SPACE's Innovative Live Dashboard Functionality

Innovative Live Dashboard Functionality

The Blockchain in Germany - A summary of the W3Now Mini-Report

The W3Now Report, supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action, provides a profound analysis of blockchain technology in the German economy. This detailed mini-report aims to summarize the key findings, challenges, potentials, and recommendations for the future.

10 reasons why you should build with RAVE.SPACE

Why build with us?

What actually is this Metaverse?

Unleashing the Power of WebGL: Advantages for Browser-Based Metaverse Projects

WebGL provides real-time rendering efficiency and seamless cross-platform compatibility, making it a superior choice over pixel streaming for creating immersive browser-based metaverse projects.

Develop Your Brand's Presence in the Metaverse with Rave.Space

Use our expertise to engage with customers in an immersive, interactive virtual environment.

Revolutionizing Tourism: The Metaverse Takes the Lead

The Art Basel UBS Art Market 2023 - a Summary

The global art market has seen strong post-pandemic growth with variations in performance by sector, region, and price segments.

Top 10 Metrics That Are Relevant for Metaverse Experiences and Why

The Hidden Costs of Cloud Rendering

About the unexpected challenges of using Cloud Rendering

A sustainable Metaverse through WebGL

Why only WebGL technology can enable a sustainable Metaverse: Advantages over Cloud Rendering and Alternatives

Essential Resources for AI creativity - the Stable Diffusion Prompt Book

The OpenArt Stable Diffusion Prompt Book is a comprehensive guide to using the open-source text-to-image AI model.

Combining traditional 2D and advanced 3D Workflows to bring Berlin Spree bank to life in Realtime

Maximize Your Real Estate Potential with Browser-Based 3D Experiences

The Benefits of Implementing Rave Space Technology for Immersive Property Showcasing

The Industrial Metaverse - a Networked Virtual Realm for Productivity

The future of operational technology and could streamline AI with machine learning, AR/VR, IoT, and digital twins

Samsung Re:Connect The Metaverse meets Realverse case study

Explore the Future of Art: How Phygital Exhibitions Will Transform the Way We Experience Art

The Future of Interactive 3D Graphics online is WebGL!

Learn about the eco-friendly alternative to cloud rendering

Revolutionizing the Business World: How the Metaverse is Changing the Game

Why do we use WebGL technology and not cloud rendering for our RAVE ENGINE?

Metaverse + NFT Meetup #1

A Meetup hosted by ravespace, discussing NFTs & the Metaverse with some of Berlin’s most innovative companies.

Value Creation in the Metaverse - summary of the McKinsey report

Sustainability in Metaverse Research - a Summary

A summary of the article “Metaverse and Sustainability: Systematic Review of Scientific Publications until 2022 and Beyond”

Introducing: MetaMap

A collection of browser based Metaverse experiences curated by us

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