Combining traditional 2D and advanced 3D Workflows to bring Berlin Spree bank to life in Realtime

In today's blog post, we'll be demonstrating our technical workflow and how we use our software RaveEngine to bring the city of Berlin to life in real time 3D. This workflow involves combining traditional 2D and state-of-the-art AI assisted 3D techniques to create realistic graphics. We'll delve into the details of how these techniques work together to achieve our goals, and we'll provide examples of the impressive results we've achieved. This post will be a great resource for those interested in the technical aspects of creating immersive digital experiences…

Photogrammetry is a powerful tool for creating accurate 3D models from photographs. However, photogrammetry can be time-consuming and resource-intensive, particularly when it comes to processing large amounts of data, but with advancements in AI technology new workflows are emerging.

One of the most effective techniques for creating seamless textures is to use a combination of traditional 2D texture creation tools, such as Photoshop (or Affinity Photo), and 3D tools like Substance Sampler. By combining the strengths of these different tools, you can create realistic PBR textures with little effort. In our example we recreate Berlin's urban riverside with all its Graffiti, quirks, and subtle imperfections.

Starting off with a few Photographs taken on the Phone.

Stitching them together in Affinity Photo to receive an optimised Panorama

After some edits and transformations to straighten the image, the result can look like this.

Now comes the Fun Part: 

Details such as cracks and crevices are difficult to capture cleanly with photogrammetry meshes tending to be messy and requiring hours of cleanup,  but now with Adobe Substance Sampler, Assisted by AI, the details can be extracted from a simple image input. The texture can be tweaked to repeat seamlessly, as well as to provide all the additional PBR maps that are being used to display roughness values or micro-details.

The result is a wonderful PBR-ready trim sheet of the Landwehrkanal. In just minutes, you are provided with a set of images containing all the details you need. AI assisted workflows are currently becoming the norm in creative industries, try it out for yourself!

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