Interview with Iris Paech, Marketing Expert at Haufe Academy

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In this special series, we present inspiring conversations with leading minds from various industries who share their experiences and insights into the world of technology and innovation. Today, we are excited to welcome Iris Paech from Haufe Academy. She gives us an exciting insight into the world of online marketing, the importance of forward-looking technologies such as Virtual Reality, and the role of RAVE.SPACE in developing innovative learning solutions.

Interview with Iris Paech, Marketing Expert at Haufe Academy

RAVE.SPACE: Could you please introduce yourself briefly and tell us more about your role at Haufe Academy?

Iris Paech: Hello, I'm Iris Paech, and I work in marketing at Haufe Academy. I lead a team of experts from various online marketing disciplines in the eCommerce sector.

RAVE.SPACE: What prompted the Academy to engage with future technologies, especially Virtual Reality, and to think and develop in this direction?

Iris Paech: We keep a close eye on mega-trends like Web3, AR, or VR and consider and test how new technologies can be used to facilitate development. In this context, we have also dealt with possibilities and developed ideas in a small interdisciplinary team. EVOLVIA started as a project of Haufe Academy, with the goal of finding out how professional training can also be conducted in the Metaverse. In this process, we created a learning space in the Metaverse and want to gain insights into the potential of continuing education in the Metaverse - both for individual learners and for organizations. EVOLVIA serves as our "playground," where we try out various approaches and concepts that flow into the development of new, innovative products.

RAVE.SPACE: Why did you choose RAVE.SPACE for development?

Iris Paech: After collecting various ideas, we realized that we needed something tangible. Something that is easy to grasp, which is understood without many words. A tool that also offers the possibility to experience an event together with others. Important to us were interactions among the users, but also the shared experience, e.g., watching a movie together. So, with this concept, we went looking for a provider and searched for one based on various criteria that could meet our requirements – within a clearly defined timeframe. We wanted to present our Metaverse at a company-internal event to the employees, for which we had just under 3 months. RAVE.SPACE immediately understood our concept and implemented it very quickly with their Blockout method in short, iterative cycles. They met our requirements for collaboration and interaction very well. They also contributed features that rounded off Evolvia.

RAVE.SPACE: What can you tell us about your collaboration with us?

Iris Paech: Working with you was uncomplicated, structured, and fun. Your Blockout method made the Metaverse very quickly tangible for us. At the same time, we were still able to make adjustments at any time that, for example, improved the user experience.

RAVE.SPACE: What is planned for the future at Haufe Academy?

Iris Paech: We continue to observe technical trends and developments and think about various educational offerings. As a market leader in the continuing education sector, we naturally also want to be a pioneer in innovative learning and offer contemporary learning solutions – and look forward to working with RAVE.SPACE again on this path.

Thank you, Iris, and here's to a continued inspiring partnership with Haufe Academy and RAVE.SPACE!

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