Metaverse + NFT Meetup #1

A Meetup hosted by ravespace, discussing NFTs & the Metaverse with some of Berlin’s most innovative companies.

There are many speakers for the evening because there are a ton of cool projects in Berlin right now, but the talks will be short. Afterwards there will be music and a bar, plus lots of time for socializing with the NFT community.

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Musee Dezentral |
-Will discuss the progress they have made on their new Metaverse project:, a 3D decentralized NFT art museum. For the first time, the team will be showcasing the technology they have developed to allow the museum to be fully decentralized and curated by the collectors (token holders) themselves.

Twelve x Twelve
-In a world of streamed content and shared ownership – twelve x twelve reignites appreciation for original and unique content within the music world. From exclusive music releases and animated album artworks to music videos, limited merchandise, and way beyond. They provide easy access to the NFT market for music fans around the world and thereby the possibility to directly support their favorite artists.

Autonomies from Keyko
-Autonomies unifies artists and collectors through a fairer digital ecosystem. They simplify the process of creating rare audio files and making them accessible to the many, not the few.
-build whitelabel NFT solutions for brands and creates creative collectives starting in Berlin to empower artist and collaborations. They believe NFTs and cryptopayments are needed to build tomorrow’s digital worlds aka metaverses. | Golden Voyager
-From starting off with discovering what's possible for brands in the NFT space and shipping their own Profile-Picture-Drop nft studio Berlin is now exploring the whole ecosystem from an investor's perspective focussing on the upcoming trends in gaming and the upcoming mass audience adoption.

-Portrait XO is an artist who creates musical and visual works with traditional and non-traditional methods. In collaboration with Dadabots, they won ‘Best Experiment’ award at VUT Indie Awards 2021, Eurovision AI Song Contest Jury Vote for ‘most creative use of AI’ in 2020, and completed her artist residency at Factory Berlin x Sonar+D in 2020. She researches computational creativity, human-machine collaboration, and explores new formats & applications for forward-thinking art and sound. She holds a monthly radio residency with her art & activism collective CO:QUO on Refuge Worldwide Radio, is the founder of SOUND OBSESSED, and a founding member of The IASAS (International Association of Synaesthetes, Artists, and Scientists).

Dennis Peqas
-from NFT Club Berlin will be taking over some of the walls in the club to showcase some of the top performing NFTs of all time!

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