RAVE ENGINE: The Future of Interactivity and Immersion in the Browser

Welcome to the digital age of interactivity and immersion! RAVE.SPACE stands at the forefront of developing interactive virtual worlds. Our mission is to revolutionize the way people experience the web. We offer top-tier, customized development for browser-based, interactive spaces with multi-user functionality, powered by our proprietary RAVE ENGINE. We specialize in creating immersive web applications using Spatial Computing. Our state-of-the-art real-time 3D game engine, the RAVE ENGINE, enables us to present products in 3D, VR, and AR within existing websites, host live events, concerts, or conferences, open virtual art exhibitions, explore digital twins in real-time, establish and conduct educational spaces, and much more.

The RAVE ENGINE: A Revolution in Real-Time 3D

Our in-house RAVE ENGINE is the heart of our innovation. Unlike cloud rendering, often associated with high costs and environmental impact, our engine offers a cost-effective, eco-friendly solution. It is usable across all devices, secure, and scalable. Here you can see the cost comparison to cloud rendering using a calculator:

Accessibility and Compatibility: A World Without Borders

A standout feature of the Rave Engine is its universal accessibility. Designed to be accessible through any web browser, it eliminates the need for additional software or app downloads. This seamless integration means users can immerse themselves in virtual worlds from a variety of devices – be it smartphones, desktop PCs, laptops, or VR headsets. This broad compatibility ensures that the fascinating experiences RAVE.SPACE offers are accessible to a wide audience without technical restrictions.

Custom Modules: Tailored Virtual Experiences

Another central element of the Rave Engine is its modularity. In addition to core functionalities, custom modules can be added, tailored to the client's needs and specific events in the virtual world. This flexibility allows RAVE.SPACE to offer unique customized experiences precisely aligned with each client's desires and requirements.

Here is a detailed explanation of the individual modules:

Single Player Module: Individual Exploration

The Rave Engine's Single Player Module allows users to explore a virtual world alone. This option is ideal for those seeking an individual and interactive experience. Users can discover the environment at their own pace, without the presence of other participants. This module is excellent for educational purposes, individual training, or simply enjoying personal time in a virtual world.

Multiplayer Module: Community Interaction

The Multiplayer Module enhances the experience by enabling interactions with other users in the Rave Engine. Participants can see each other in the form of avatars and interact. Typically, participants are divided into groups of up to 20, or with limitations, up to 50 people. However, the maximum number of participants is dynamic and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client. This flexibility is particularly valuable for designing events of various sizes, from small meetings to large conferences or virtual concerts.

Avatar Integration: Unique Identities in the Virtual World

We enable users to shape their unique identities in the virtual world by creating custom avatars and movements, allowing for deeper immersion and personalization. We not only integrate existing avatars into our engine but also develop individually designed avatars in-house. These customization options include both visual design and special movement profiles to ensure perfect alignment with the specific requirements and brand identity of clients. Another exciting option is integration with the Ready Player Me Generator. This third-party service allows users to create their 3D avatar, starting with a selfie, and customize it using a variety of options.

Registration Options for the Virtual Experience: Flexibility and Security

Regarding registration options for the virtual experience, we offer various possibilities that ensure both flexibility and security. Users can access the virtual world directly and straightforwardly without needing to register beforehand. There is also the option to develop a specific solution using a standalone database. The registration function can be connected to an existing customer database via API, allowing seamless integration into existing systems. For a future-oriented access option, we also offer the implementation of token-gated access based on Web 3 technologies. Clients can also choose a fully customized registration option tailored to their needs.

Content Management System (CMS): Dynamic Content Made Easy

Our Rave Engine is complemented by a powerful Content Management System (CMS) that simplifies and dynamizes content management. The CMS, developed by RAVE.SPACE, allows administrators or authorized persons to individually adjust dynamic content such as videos, images, texts, or 3D products. This content is loaded into the virtual space when starting a session. For clients who already have a CMS, the Rave Engine offers the possibility to seamlessly integrate this system into the virtual environment.

Live Panel: Real-Time Control of the Virtual Space

We provide a Live Panel that allows administrators to control the virtual space in real-time. Functions such as sending notifications, controlling lights, opening and closing areas, and streaming music or videos are straightforward. The Live Panel also includes moderation tools, such as deleting chat messages and blocking users, to ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants.

Communication: Versatile Options

We offer a public text chat, allowing all participants to send and receive messages, a private text chat for confidential messages, and a group chat for individual and confidential communication between users within the virtual environment. By approaching another avatar and requesting a voice chat users have control of who they communicate with. The position-dependent voice chat allows open and immediate communication with other participants based on the spatial position of the avatars.

Control Options: Navigating the Virtual World

Our individual control options include desktop control with various options such as WASD/arrow keys, simplified control, and click and walk, VR control for free environment exploration with VR headset and controllers, control on smartphones and tablets, and gamepad-ready options, ideal for exhibitions or trade fairs.

Immerse Yourself: Spatial Audio Unleashed!

Finally, we offer an immersive audio experience in the virtual world through 3D audio positioning, creating a three-dimensional sound environment through the spatial placement of audio sources. The dynamic sound adjustment changes according to the user's position and movement, and the integration of ambient sounds adds realistic background noises that contribute to the atmosphere of the respective scene.

Custom User Menu:

It is accessible at any time by pressing the "M" key and offers a variety of setting options. Users can individually adjust the volume of the voice chat and ambient sounds. Additionally, the menu allows switching between first-person and third-person perspectives and offers options for inverting mouse control. The graphic quality can be adjusted according to the performance of the end device and personal preferences. There is also the option to switch or leave groups within the experience, as well as further customizable options that can vary depending on the need and functionality of the experience.

Augmented Reality Function:

The innovative Augmented Reality module adds an AR dimension to the virtual experience. Users can simply scan a QR code to activate AR content, enabling quick and easy integration into mobile usage on smartphones and tablets. Customers can change and update 3D content via our Content Management System, making the AR experiences dynamic. An integrated AR viewer allows for the integration and presentation of digital artworks or products in Augmented Reality.

Live Presentations:

Our module for live presentations enables administrators or selected participants to stream content live into the virtual world. The streams can be broadcast from various platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, or similar services. Content can also be streamed directly from the local desktop using streaming software like OBS. This flexibility makes the module ideal for a variety of applications, from educational events to entertainment events.

Live Show Hosting:

The Live Show Hosting module offers a comprehensive solution for live shows in the virtual world. A real-time dashboard allows control of all elements of the live show, including performance videos, lighting effects, and special show effects. Users can play pre-produced videos or stream live directly. The lighting control adjusts the lighting of the virtual environment, and special effects like fog, lasers, or pyrotechnics can be added. The module is customizable for different types of events and offers real-time keying for the integration of live video content.

Website Embedding:

With our Website Embedding module, it is possible to embed the virtual world via an iframe into existing websites. This embedding can be flexibly placed anywhere within the website infrastructure and is not limited to full-screen mode. An automated pointer-lock unlocking feature ensures that the cursor is automatically unlocked when a user scrolls beyond the area of the virtual experience.

Day and Night Cycle:

In our Day and Night Cycle module, we offer a realistic simulation of the 24-hour day cycle. By dynamically switching between day and night, we make the virtual environment more lively and realistic. We adjust the simulation to the desired time zone and use various light changes to simulate the transition between day and night.

Web 3 Features:

With our advanced Web3 features, we expand the capabilities of our platform. These include NFT integration with MetaMask, token-gated access, and smart contracts for interactive elements. By integrating decentralized storage solutions like IPFS, we increase the security and immutability of information.

VR Support:

Our VR Support module offers native integration of Virtual Reality. We enable users to move freely in the virtual world and offer them a choice between a Basic and an Advanced VR experience, providing full interactivity and access to all features and tools.


With our Gamification module, we increase user interaction and engagement. We offer a variety of mini-games, including quiz games, search games, jump and run, racing games, and Whack-A-Mole. Additionally, we develop custom-tailored games to provide an even greater variety.

AI Integrations:

By integrating AI features such as ChatGPT and Dalle, we expand the possibilities of the virtual world. Our AI models for text generation, image, and speech recognition, and the ability to integrate custom AI APIs offer enhanced interaction and personalization.

NPC Module (Non-Player Characters):

Our NPCs (Non-Player Characters) in the virtual world increase interactivity and realism. They can follow predefined paths and can be custom-designed to interact with players.


In the Sticker module, we enable users to upload their branding or custom graphics and place them in the virtual world. These graphics can be made interactive to display further information or trigger actions upon interaction.

Live Polling:

Live Polling is an invaluable tool for seminars, panels, and live events, designed to foster a dynamic interaction between speakers and their audience. By incorporating real-time questions and displaying instant feedback through a polling barometer, this feature not only facilitates a deeper engagement by allowing audiences to contribute their views and opinions but also serves as a powerful mechanism to gauge audience sentiment and preferences on the fly. This immediate interaction enriches the event experience, making participants feel valued and heard. Moreover, Live Polling keeps the audience engaged and attentive, as they anticipate the results of their collective input. It's not just about querying results from the audience; it's about maintaining their engagement and interest throughout the event. By leveraging Live Polling, organizers can create a more inclusive and interactive environment that enhances the overall quality and effectiveness of their events, making it the perfect tool for keeping audiences engaged and involved.

Networking Area Module

The new "Networking Area" module allows visitors within a space to gather at a designated point and communicate via voice chat. This area is perfect for networking and community events, facilitating effortless real-time conversation among participants. Users can speak directly to each other, making the experience more personal and interactive. This feature enhances the virtual world experience by supporting social interactions and relationship building.


As pioneers in the world of real-time 3D visualization in the browser, we have created the Rave Engine, a solution that is not only technologically advanced but also revolutionary in its application. Our vision is to make immersive and interactive experiences accessible to everyone. Overall, the Rave Engine is not just a product of our technological expertise but also a symbol of our vision to seamlessly connect the digital and real world. It represents our commitment to being at the forefront of real-time 3D visualization in the browser and confirms our status as one of the most advanced and best solutions in this field. With the Rave Engine, we are setting new standards in digital interaction and opening doors to endless possibilities in virtual world design.

We warmly invite you to experience the diverse possibilities of the Rave Engine for yourself. If you are excited about our platform's advanced features and potential, we would be delighted to hear from you. Whether you want to create a customized virtual world, seek innovative solutions for your business, or are simply curious about the technology – our team at RAVE.SPACE is ready to turn your visions into impressive realities.

Do not hesitate to contact us and learn more about how we can together push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of real-time 3D visualization in the browser. We look forward to every inquiry and the opportunity to work with you to create exceptional virtual experiences.

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